About Us

Claudio and Roxanne are co-authors of:

"The secret art of health and fitness" (1999) - Weatherhill, New York / Tokyo (also translated into Spanish)

"Arts and Martial Arts Body" (2000) - Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois

"The Peaceful Way - A Guide for Children on the Traditions of the Martial Arts" (2001) - Inner Traditions, Vermont (also translated into Spanish and Portuguese)

Claudio Iedwab, 7th Dan Gorindo, 5th Dan Taekwondo (Moo Duk Kwan), 5th dan Ju Jutsu, 3rd dan Karate-do (Shotokan), 1st Dan Judo, has enjoyed a 40 year career as a practitioner and master of Martial Art. A former tournament competitor (South American Taekwondo Champion in 1982) Claudio established Gorindo as an independent and non-competitive martial arts training program after he arrived in Canada from Argentina. He is the author of "Pearls of Gorindo - 55 ideas of a martial art" (2012) and "Pearls of Gorindo - 112 ideas for teachers" (2013).

Roxanne Standefer 3rd dan Gorindo, has been the senior student of Gorindo since its inception in 1990 and in addition to teaching Gorindo, she also has extensive experience as an instructor and consultant in public education, injury prevention, life-saving, swimming and canoeing.

Claudio and Roxanne are also founding members of the Circle of Martial Arts Educators