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Notes from here and there… Belt

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve heard or read that “the belt is only to tie the pants!”. No, people (read ‘practitioners of combat disciplines/sports’)! The belt is used to tie the JACKET worn by the martial artist! Not pants, nor kickboxing shorts, neither MMA’s ‘speedos’. Those who want to minimize the significance of the belt, please make a better phrase and don’t repeat ignorance of others as your own.
Also of importance…
Do not use it to congratulate the newly graduated by ‘whipping his/her back’ with it! Perhaps for some, that it is a ‘demonstration’ of affection, but for me it is simply a disrespectful way to limit more genuine ways to share good wishes and camaraderie! Hazing type activity has no place in true Martial Art.

Claudio Iedwab – 16th June 2014