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Welcome to, a site for all martial artists interested in an intelligent, healthy and artistic approach to their activity. Our goal at is to become the website that everyone interested in Martial Art will want to check out regularly.

We will post in our current Content Section five questions and answers in each of six areas of interest: training & technique, learning & teaching, health & fitness, mind & body, art & nature, and traditions & more.

As a new question is posted an older one will be moved to the expanding Archives. These are all available for free download. Only for personal use and non-commercial purposes - All rights reserved. Created by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer, authors of The Secret Art of Health & Fitness, Martial Arts Mind & Body, and The Peaceful Way, is a way for us to share years of knowledge, research and practice in the martial arts. Initially we will post questions commonly asked by our own students, but we encourage martial artists and others to contact us with questions of their own: Every few days, as we are able, we will post new questions and our best answers. Our content will be organized into general areas and eventually form a large body of archived material. In forming our answers we will consult our own experience as well as a vast library of material on the martial arts, education, Zen, Eastern philosophy and culture, alternative medicine, body movement therapies, physiology, etc., or we will seek answers from other sensei. We will proudly promote our own published books, electronic publications, courses and other resource material. We will also seek the help of sponsors and other commercial links that will enable us to expand our scope and devote our professional resources to providing excellent content for

Our personal school of martial art study is Gorindo "the Healthy Martial Art". Founded in 1990, gorindo is a non-competitive style committed to putting the Art back in Martial Arts and Martial Art back in Nature. Nevertheless with we are committed to providing content and discourse about Martial Art in general - what unites and inspires us all.

Enthusiasts of other styles of martial art such as judo, karate, aikido, jujutsu, goshindo, kobudo, kendo, iaido, kyudo, ninjutsu, sumo, taijitsu, taekwondo, tangsoodo, hapkido, taekyon, hosinsul, sipalki, kenpo, kung-fu, wushu, taichi, chi-kung, pakua, hsing-i, kickboxing, muay-thai, savate French boxing, la canne, kali, silat, capoeira, karalapayit, wrestling, sambo, fencing, etc., will find equally rewarding and essential to their own practice.

So, we say welcome and enjoy Visit us often as we grow, please tell a friend and by all means contact us with new questions.

Claudio & Roxanne have a unique partnership. Co-authors of The Secret Art of Health & Fitness (Weatherhill '99) Martial Arts Mind & Body (Human Kinetics '00), and The Peaceful Way (Inner Traditions '01) they have been working together as martial artists, teachers and writers for over ten years as married partners. Although much of that time was spent establishing Gorindo "the Healthy Martial Art" in the urban center of Toronto, they now live and work in the woods in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada near Algonquin Wilderness Park. Secluded in a hardwood forest, with a spring-fed lake and granite ridges, Claudio & Roxanne conduct seminars & camps for martial artists and teachers in their outdoor dojo. Their latest projects include: establishing the martial arts website, online courses for martial artists, teacher's professional development programs, and laying the groundwork for future CD-ROM, video and television productions. Their goal is "To Put the Art back in Martial Arts and Martial Art back in Nature."

Claudio & Roxanne are also Founding Members of the Circle of Martial Art Educators

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Claudio Iedwab

Claudio Iedwab - mae-geri

• 7th dan Black Belt in Gorindo, 5th dan Taekwondo, 5th dan Jujutsu, 3rd dan Karate-do, Savate Certified Teacher and Yoga Instructor

• Bronze Medal 6th Open Taekwondo World Championship, 2002

• South American Taekwondo Champion, 1982

• Author, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer

• Claudio founded Gorindo "The Healthy Martial Art" in 1990, integrating his studies into a non-competitive program that concentrates on health & fitness, mind & body, and the art & nature of the martial arts disciplines.

• In his native Argentina, Claudio was the publisher and editor of Revista Sensei, a Spanish language martial arts magazine.

• Founding Member of the Circle of Martial Art Educators

With his successful competitive and teaching career, Claudio brings deep knowledge and years of experience in the martial arts, as well as graphic design and illustration talents to many projects, including: The Secret Art of Health & Fitness, and The Peaceful Way - A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts, also by Claudio & Roxanne.

He is the author of “Pearls of Gorindo - 55 Insights of a Martial Art” (2012) and “Pearls of Gorindo - 112 Insights For Teachers” (2013).






Roxanne Standefer

Roxanne Standefer - ura ken

• 3rd dan Black Belt in Gorindo

• Red Cross Water Safety & Small Craft Instructor

• Royal Life Saving Society Instructor

• Author, photographer, musician, wilderness canoe guide

• Founding Member of the Circle of Martial Art Educators

Before beginning her intensive studies in the martial arts, Roxanne was a teacher, manager, and public relations consultant in outdoor recreation and the music business. Roxanne brings her writing and photographic skills to the work that Claudio & Roxanne undertake. As a wilderness guide and martial arts instructor, she enjoys introducing newcomers to the art and nature she has come to love.




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The adoption and application of the material offered in website is at the reader's discretion and sole responsibility. The Authors and associates involved are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any liability, injury, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, that may occur indirectly or directly from the use of the content of this website and/or following instructions. Not all exercises are designed for all individuals, and since the physical activities described herein may be too strenuous in nature for some readers to engage in safely, it is essential that a physician be consulted prior to training.




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