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Gorindo Summer Camp 2016

Gorindo Summer Camp 2016



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Equinox 365 - a project by Claudio Iedwab

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Gorindo YouTube Channel

YouTube Gorindo Channel

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Pearls of Gorindo - 112 Insights for Teachers

112 Pearls of Gorindo

Check out the Pearls of Gorindo - 112 Insights for Teachers
Martial Art training directs the mind to a vital point on the horizon, but how we seek to arrive there is its true value and significance. As keys, the Pearls of Gorindo will unlock certain doors and dimensions in the appreciation and understanding of the arts of learning and teaching. The Pearls are good companions to our daily training.

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Pearls of Gorindo - 55 Insights of a Martial Art

55 Pearls of Gorindo

Check out the Pearls of Gorindo - 55 Insights of a Martial Art
Richly illustrated thoughts about training, philosophy, ethics and inspiration for everyday and special contemplation.

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Welcome to the newly revised pages of

We hope you enjoy the fresh look and expanded content of our site. It is our aim to provide easy access to new material as it becomes available on these pages as well as a friendly environment for deep perusal of articles, questions and answers about Martial Art.




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